Meet Our Providers

Meet Cynthia Jaffe, Licensed Midwife

Midwife for Home Birth and Birth Center 

My love affair with midwifery and birth began when I was pregnant with my first child. I had a good friend who was also pregnant and someone sent her this crazy book she was eager to share with me. It was “Spiritual Midwifery.” This was 1983 and most books on pregnancy either glossed over the birth part or just said, “here’s how to get through it!” Suddenly, here was this book that said, not only can birth be spiritually moving and fulfilling, it can be FUN!! I cried when I read it. Finally!! I KNEW in my gut it did not have to be this horrible experience we just “had to get through.” Then came the reality of labor! While I cannot say it was fun, phrases from the book came back to me when I needed them and helped me so much. The birth of my son in 1984 changed my life. I felt empowered by his birth and could not wait to have his sister less than two years later!

I had the same midwife with both of my births and she became a very good friend. I would invite her over and grill her about her births and her experiences and thought, “Wow! I wonder????? Then, one day, she told me that a midwife had arrived and was doing home births and looking for an assistant; was I interested? I felt like the heavens had opened up and prayers had been heard! I jumped right in. That was in 1986 and I have been involved in the birth community ever since.

I finally formalized my training, graduating from Seattle Midwifery School in 1990. I had a ready made clientele here on Whidbey Island, as our last midwife had left several years earlier and women were still looking to have their babies at home. I opened the Greenbank Birth Center to serve the needs of women on Medicaid because, at that time, Medicaid would not cover home births but would cover births in a state-licensed birthing center…so I built one! The Birth Center has also helped to bridge the gap for women who were not interested in home birth but did not want to deliver in a hospital. Greenbank Birth Center is set in the middle of five acres of woods and we are always amazed when the deer will come to the door while a woman is laboring. They seem to know when a new life is about to emerge and they want to be part of the party!

I have now been in practice for over 27 years and have delivered about 1800 babies. Midwifery is my calling and my passion and I hope to continue providing care and offering options for women and their families for many years to come.

Annastasia Kovscek, MD

Dr. Annastasia Kovscek

Well Woman Care

I am so pleased to join the team and collaborate with the amazing providers and practitioners at the Greenbank Women’s Clinic & Birth Center!  I am available for women’s health across the ages, and most especially enjoy engaging with women in their post-partum needs!  I come to you from the south end of the Island where I am also the founder and managing physician of Water’s Edge Family Practice & Wellness Center in Langley, WA. My goal overall is to bring wellness and healing back into the vocabulary of medicine as well as to the community I serve.

I am a board certified Family Medicine physician with a broad range of experience and training, and am honored to bring my Integrative Medicine approach and technical skills to take care of new mothers, seasoned mothers, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, partners in health! This means you as a woman have the opportunity to be listened to deeply and offered a variety of tools and modalities, or simply have a caring doctor provide your well woman exam, desired post-partum IUD procedure, or other women’s health concern.

I also am grateful to be able to provide this service alongside Cynthia, who was my midwife!

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Diana Miller, Student Midwife

Diana Miller, Student Midwife

I grew up in a culture of homebirth and midwifery. The oldest of 11 children, I witnessed my mother give birth to 10 children at home. My grandmother was an Amish midwife and I have two aunts that serve their communities as Amish midwives.

Although homebirth with midwives was normal to me because it was all I knew, I clearly remember two days after my first baby was born at home, thinking about her birth and being completely amazed that I had given birth to a healthy 9lb baby girl at home. I was euphoric. That was my beginning. With each successive pregnancy I dug deeper into the reasons for midwifery care and homebirth. I read every book I could find at the library and I ordered many that I couldn’t find. Birth stories became my favorite thing. After the birth of my 3rd baby girl I knew that I would be a midwife.

I was accepted into the program at Midwives College of Utah in 2013 and I am loving this journey of becoming a midwife. Being a part of someone’s birth story is the greatest honor I can imagine.

My husband and I have 3 girls and 3 boys. We spend our time outside as much as possible. I am looking forward to putting in a strawberry bed this spring and increasing my flock of chickens.

Meet Our Backup Doctor

Cynthia Jaffe and Dr. Garde

Dr. Kathy Garde of Fidalgo Medical Associates is an OB/GYN who works out of Island Hospital in Anacortes. Dr. Garde has an established relationship with the Greenbank Birth Center and is available for consultation when a situation outside of normal arises and for transfer of care if medically necessary.

Learn more about Dr. Garde on Island Hospital’s website.